Car Wash Brush With Foam Bottle


39.99 £

Type: car cleaning brush
Made of PP and PVC, durable and long term use
Pile hair brush, soft and do not hurt the car paint
Perfect for cleaning your car
Material: PP+PVC
Whole length: 520mm
Hair length: 65mm
Color: Blue+Black

1. Fill the foam bottle with detergent.
2. Connect the brush to the foam bottle, and then connect the handle.
3. After installing the handle, you can connect the handle to the water pipe and faucet, and then you can clean your car.
4. It does not damage the body paint, thick and durable, beautiful and delicate. The brush head can be disassembled for cleaning.
5. Products are lightweight, it can be used for car body or vehicle glass ash.

Package includes:

1 x Brush
1 x Handle Switch
1 x Bubble Bottle

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