Creative Trump Toilet Brush


19.99 £

€ 29.99


Weight: 90g
Material: Plastic + Nylon
Size: 36cm
Type: Thumbs up, Open hand

– The brush bristles are made of nylon The brush bristles is strong and dense with new technology. it can remove stains forcefully. It will help you to clean bathroom easily.
– It’s time to make toilet great again! This toilet brush make your toilet clean like new.
– The length of the toilet brush handle allows you to have a certain distance from the toilet and make cleaning easier.
– Have it to make cleaning work fun.
– Trump toilet brush with individual holder provides simple and discreet storage that keeps floors clean and dry, the toilet brush is sure to brighten up your bathroom.
– Make your toilet bowl great again by keeping it spick and span with this Trump toilet brush.
– This toilet brush does not contain a base.

Package includes:
1 x Creative Trump Toilet Brush


Thumbs up, Open hand

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