Electric Mosquito Insect Killer Lamp LED

29.99 £

Color: White
Size: 10.5*10.5*25cm
Material: ABS
Rated voltage: 220V110-220V
Area: 20 ~ 50m2.
Weight: 385g
Charging method: 108cmUSB charging cable

– Real energy saving and low consumption.
– The product design is exquisite, elegant and practical, and the decorative function is the best choice for home.
– Low decibel enjoy a stable environment without mosquitoes.
– This product is intended for indoor use only or in locations where it can not rain or splash. Do not touch the pins when using this product, or do not touch the product when hands are wet.
– Removable construction, counterclockwise rotation, removable, can be cleaned with water.

Tips for using mosquito lamps
1, The time the mosquito is active is kissing in the evening after 5 o’clock (remember to turn on the mosquito repellent in advance).
2, The darker the light, the better the effect. The closed space becomes more effective.
3, If you are not at home, mosquitoes like to hide in damp places (bathrooms, with water or grass, laundry room, etc.), eg. B. with the mosquito repellent lamp.
4, For the first time with anti-mosquito lamp, it is recommended to keep the machine turned on for more than 48 hours, during this time do not open the mosquito Stroage box, to avoid dehydration mosquito escape, it is recommended 3 ~ to use 5 days after cleaning the mosquito box.
5 ,Try to avoid close contact between the machine and you. They are far more attractive to mosquitoes than the machine.
6, To place the mosquito lamp at a higher point than on the ground.

Package includes:
1 x Electric Mosquito Insect Killer Lamp LED

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