Multifunction Activated Charcoal Desiccant Bag


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€ 29.99

Filler: Nano catalytic medium,sepiolite, attapulgite, diatomite,activated carbon
Technology: Ultrasonic melt suture
Color:as picture show
Scope: for all kinds of bin, drawers, wardrobe, shoes, shoe cabinet, bags, pet nest, and refrigerator, automotive, room etc.

1.With strong moisture absorption performance.
2.It is economical and practical.
3.Tasteless, non-toxic.
4.Dehumidifier mildew, air purification, eliminate odors.
5.In addition to formaldehyde odor, eliminate new car smell.
6.Also be used as deodorizer.
7.Healthy and environmental.

Package Included:
1 x Activated Charcoal Desiccant Bag

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