Novelty Solar Garden Lights Owl Ornament Animal Bird Outdoor LED Decor Sculpture


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Solar power (no wiring required) absorbs sunlight for a few hours during the day and lights up at night.
Easy to install (can be used in seconds)
Solar owl lighting with realistic details
Update version model is more realistic
The updated version is more evenly illuminated
Use this energy-saving, low-maintenance solar light to add a touch of glamour to your garden décor.
Suitable for your garden, lawn, patio, aisle, porch, patio or tent, picnic, driveway, etc.


1: Owl statue: 15cm hight.
2: Total: 45cm hight.
3: Made of resin.
4: Solar energy powered ( No wiring necessary) Absorb sunlight for a few hours in daytime and it can light during the night.
5: Easy and install (Can be used in seconds )
6:Solar owl light features lifelike details
updated version model more realistic
updated version glow more evenly
7: Add decorative glow to your garden decor with this energy-efficient, low-maintenance solar light.
8: Great outdoor light for your garden, lawn, yard, aisle, porch, patio, or tent, picnic, driveway etc…


Owl statue: 15 cm high.
Stand: 45 cm high.
Color: white, brown
Material: ABS + resin
Package Included:
1*Solar light


Brown, White

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